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How to Make Floral Arrangements

Whether youíre trying to stick to your budget and want to make your own floral arrangements or youíre trying to save some money on your parentís anniversary celebration, learning how to make your own floral arrangements is great fun; and easier than you think. And even if you donít have a particular event to prepare for, youíll be pleasantly surprised at how fun arranging flowers can be as a craft and hobby.

The good news is that this doesnít have to be expensive. Actually, it can be as inexpensive or as glamorous as you want it to be. Before you go out and purchase supplies, make sure you have a good idea of what your floral arrangement will be used for. If itís for your own hobby purposes, then obviously you canít make it however you want. But if they are going to be for a specific occasion such as a wedding, then youíll want to make sure you are well aware of what the theme and color scheme of the wedding is going to be to make sure your floral arrangement matches it.

Now, the next things you should consider are the immediacy of the event or whether you want to make a permanent arrangement. If itís going to be a permanent decoration in your home, then youíll obviously want to use silk flowers for your arrangement. And if you have help making the arrangements and can do it the day of your main event, then youíll be able to use real, fresh flowers for your arrangement. But if youíve simply got too many other tasks to handle and have a lot of tables to make arrangements for, then you are going to need to go with silk flowers.

Once you decide upon those factors, youíll be able to pick out what type of container you want to put your arrangement in. For horizontal arrangements, youíll want to use a shallow container and use a deeper container for vertical arrangements. Then, you will place anchor foam (green foam found in hardware stores, florists, online, etc.) in the bottom and secure it with a good amount of glue (rubber cement or hot glue guns work best) or use anchor pins.

Once youíve chosen your flowers, itís really up to you how you want to design your arrangement, but it usually works best if you put the main flowers, the ones you want to be noticed most, in the center of your arrangement. Then, clip secondary flowers so that they are slightly shorter than the main flowers. You can then place fillers such as Babyís Breath or ferns around those primary and secondary flowers. You can even sprits some perfume on your arrangement for a realistic effect.

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